rahulsundaram (rahulsundaram) wrote,

Improving package and system management

Panu and Paul Nasrat have mentioned the new release of RPM As you can imagine from this level of versioning, it is not a new release with major features but is important neverthless since it moves package management forward by consolding bug fixes across vendors, fixing some misfeatures and generally shows growth in a critical part after a long time. If you have been annoyed by not being able to run Control+C and stop a yum operation, this RPM release would bring in a fix shortly.

Seth Vidal meanwhile made a new release of Yum 3.2.2. Other than integrating the yum installonlyn plugin and getting a assorted set of bug fixes, it is provides a nice feature of caching the mirror lists locally by default. Next time the mirrors are under heavy load with a new release of Fedora, users would hopefully not be affected with this change.

Tim Lauridsen quickly followed by a release of yum-utils 1.1.6. This one adds yet another yum plugin for protecting a set of packages from being removed. If you are a silly enough to run yum remove glibc and say yes, this level of additional protection would be useful for system administration.

The most important improvement of course is the ongoing development of wevisor, which as the name indicates is a web interface to revisor that lets you do custom spins of Fedora. Kickstart configuration files can be fed into a number of places such as live cd tools, revisor and wevisor and adds a whole lot of customisability to Fedora.

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