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Red Hat and Intellectual Property Reform

Red Hat's efforts in redefining what "Intellectual Property" means is a long process that started over a long period of time when Red Hat started backing up and contributing to open source software. A major milestone in my opinion was when it announced it's patent promise


The developers have a strong commitment towards Free and open source software that should be clear to involve involved in http://fedoraproject.org but it's far from a smooth ride. There are internal challenges for example to make sure that trademarks as a form of intellectual property is not lost yet compatible with the needs of the Free software community and external continous changes in other fields
with the rise of other forms of open content like music http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Open_Music_Model or the site I have used to define it - Wikipedia are all signs of a continous change that we need to understand better.

Red Hat has recently announced it's second intellectual property reform meet right after the Raleigh one in Delhi


The list of already confirmed speakers is pretty impressive

1) Shri. Prithviraj Chauhan, Minister of State in the Prime Minister's
2) Dr. Sam Pitroda, Chairman of the National Knowledge Commission (via
3) Dr. Vijay Kumar, Academic Director of MIT
4) Dr. DB Phatak of IIT Bombay
5) Prof. Anil Gupta, IIM Ahmadabad
6) Eben Moglen, Software Freedom Law Center
7) James Boyle, Center for Public Domain
8) Jim Wales, founder of Wikipedia
9) Paul Jones, founder of ibiblio
10) Madhukar Sinha, Registrar of Copyrights, Ministry of Human Resources
11) Lawrence Liang, Alternative Law Forum
12) Parbir Purkayastha, CPIM
13) Justice Yatindra Singh, Allahabad High Court
14) Vandana Shiva, Navadanya
15) Subbaiah Arunachalam, MS Swaminathan Research Foundation
16) Danese Cooper, Intel
17) Nishith Desai, Nishith Desai and Associates
18) Michael Tiemann, President Open Source Initiative and VP, Red Hat
19) Dr. VK Gupta, Traditional Knowledge Digital Library, National Institute of Science Communications & Information Resources

I have heard Phatak, Cooper and Tiemann directly a few times but Paul Jones for Ibiblio and Eben Moglen would be people I would want to hear from and interact with if I can. Paul Jones is someone I knew threw my contributions to the Linux Documentation Project which Ibiblio hosts and I was invited to talk with a long time back. So now would probably be a good chance.
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