rahulsundaram (rahulsundaram) wrote,

Smolt, the next level

A open invitation to other distributions to adopt and use smolt just went out.

Some background information on this:

After having moved out of the Fedora Project Board I now have some time to focus on reaching out to other projects. Trying to get smolt adopted by other distributions is one of my first efforts along that lines.

Smolt is the opt-in hardware profiler for Fedora and while the initial focus was on Fedora, Smolt is derived from RHN client tools and is based on HAL and has always been portable to other Linux distributions and possibly other operating systems which HAL has been ported to like FreeBSD or Solaris. The idea as Max Spevack has hinted before is to have a neutral central website to gather metrics on Linux usage. There are many other advantages. We could understand some patterns and gain insight into how Linux systems are being used and prioritize testing and focus development. We could talk to hardware vendors and gain more support. A shared and coordinated effort between Linux distributions and other operating systems would have enormous benefits for both developers and end users.

I talked to Mike McGrath the primary developer and maintainer behind smolt and asked him to send out this invitation so that I can have a easy reference to talk to other Linux distributions about adopting smolt.

Even before this I came across Mandriva's roadmap for the next version where they talk about a hardware profile feature very similar to what we have in Fedora 7 already. I have contacted Adam Williamson, community manager working for Mandriva and asked him to look into Smolt and there has been some discussions on this. I hope to contact other distributions and work with them on this too. If you have good contacts with other distributions do use that and point them to the smolt announcement or this blog post and ask them to contact Mike McGrath or me. You can CC me on any discussions and I would be happy to help coordinate efforts.
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