rahulsundaram (rahulsundaram) wrote,

Up and running

Been a while since I blogged. What's interesting?

Linus Torvalds trying out KDE on Fedora Live CD and reporting issues with a test release.

Daniel Riek explaining RHEL 5 installation numbers.

LWN published a article titled Blaming Fedora but really praising it for a strong policy on Free software. The discussions in the comments lead to me having a ongoing offlist very constructive conversations with Brett Smith, licensing compliance engineer from FSF on Fedora Free software analysis. We are having good progress. I will post updates when we reach major milestones.

I will leave you with a few questions. If you are running Fedora development branch or one of the Fedora 7 test releases what improvements do you see? If you have the latest updates what are the ongoing major issues?
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